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别错过米乐体育娱乐(2023全新爆料) – Reach New Heights

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别错过米乐体育娱乐(2023全新爆料): A strategy guide for the healthcare sector and medical practices


This guide will teach you how to perform medical SEO策略 that drive organic traffic, improve search rankings, and acquire authoritative backlinks. Ultimately it will help clinics and practices increase 品牌知名度, trust, and growth. If you require a medical SEO service provider to take care of this for you, 今天联系dNOVO Group.

Table of Contents

    适用于医疗企业和诊所的页面医疗保健 SEO 技术


    关键字是您希望在 Google 等搜索引擎上排名的单词和短语。医疗实践通常不针对关键字并编写通用的网络副本。这导致搜索结果中的有机流量和潜在客户非常少。


    第 1 步:使用关键字研究工具

    We recommend using a keyword research tool like Moz. Enter a word or phrase related to the topic you’d like your healthcare practice to be discovered for. This includes your services, products, location, etc.

    We recommend using a keyword research tool like Moz

    Moz will display monthly volume for the chosen keyword, a difficulty score, organic click-through rate, and keyword suggestions. The SERP analysis will provide links with the highest ranking pages. Study these to take notes on how 他们写内容 and optimize it for search engines.

    Moz will display monthly volume for the chosen keyword

    第 2 步:将关键字放在可以被搜索引擎索引的地方


    Begin by integrating keywords in the title of the page. This is one of the first places Google’s crawlers (bots) analyze when indexing web pages. Next, include it within the URL, preferably on its own.

    例如,Solomon Facial Plastic 在相应服务页面的 URL 和标题中包含关键字“Scar Revision Toronto”。这有助于他们的整形外科业务增加上下文搜索词的曝光度和可见度。

    Solomon Facial Plastic included the keyword Scar Revision Toronto

    Keywords should also be placed within header tags on web pages. These are large HTML tags that separate content. It is another place search engine crawlers scan to understand the context of websites. You can see Solomon Facial Plastic place target keywords in the larger text (header tags) on the previous service page example.

    Keywords should also be placed within header tags

    Ensure that your healthcare practice includes main and secondary keywords within the body of the page. Implement them naturally, they shouldn’t sound forced. Try using full sentences and questions to achieve this. This is also what we call keyword variations—slight variants of the search terms we’re targeting. I.e. we could use “牙科网站设计” and “websites for dentists” on the same page.

    继续我们的 Solomon 示例,您可以看到它们包含位置关键字,因此搜索特定位置的潜在客户会更容易找到它们。

    include location keywords so prospects searching for specific locations

    We also recommend placing keywords in the alt text and file names of media. Alt text describes images when they do not load or software reads the text on a screen for visually impaired users. You can right-click an image on Google Drive and apply alt text. Platforms like WordPress and Wix will allow you to apply alternative text while and after uploading media.

    第 3 步:衡量您的医疗保健实践的关键字排名

    Once you are targeting keywords on your website, your job isn’t done yet. Not tracking keywords will leave you in the dark about your organic performance. That’s why it is essential to track keyword rankings. This will show you the influx in organic positions for specific search terms that you target.

    您如何实现这一目标?通过使用我们提到的 SEO 工具、Moz 或其他工具,例如 SEMrush。所有主要的搜索引擎营销工具都将帮助您跟踪各个关键字的位置并显示域中排名靠前的术语。

    major search engine marketing tools will help you track individual keyword positions

    仔细跟踪(每天或每周)关键字的位置。您可能会注意到某些短语的排名更高,并且比平时带来更多的流量。相反,其他医疗保健机构的排名可能超过您,警报将帮助您调查原因并赢回 SERP 中的位置。

    Another example of an effective keyword strategy is dNOVO Group’s client Smiles on Queen. We helped them generate more leads and 品牌知名度 by optimizing the practice properly for search. Ultimately this was done through improving the practice’s website structure, keyword targeting, and informative content.

    Effective keyword strategy is dNOVO Group's client Smiles on Queen

    Smiles on Queen was able to secure the #1 position within the Google local pack thanks to the strategies we implemented. Their website also regularly holds the #1 position for target keywords like “Dentist Bolton.” 了解更多 in the full case study.


    How fast your website loads doesn’t just impact the 用户经验 but SEO as well. Google released a 用户体验算法 (more on that later) in 2015 called RankBrain. It began weighing metrics like bounce rate, average time on page, and others to appropriately rank websites.

    In fact, as a 页面的加载时间从一秒增加到三秒, it increases the number of users that leave by 23%. This number continues to increase as the load time does.

    This number continues to increase as the load time does

    If you run your medical practice’s website through a tool like Pingdom, you may be shocked to find how slow it truly is. Slow websites suffer from notoriously high bounce rates and low engagement. This can seriously impact your company’s bottomline.

    Pingdom tool website


    Pingdom display load time

    Common pagespeed issues include large files, 未压缩图片, and lack of caching. Luckily, all of these can be fixed relatively quickly.

    For example, 未压缩图片 can be run through a tool like TinyPNG to have their file size significantly reduced. They will load faster when a user enters your website, giving them a better experience. Simply upload or drag a photo onto the TinyPNG website to use it.

    Tinypng Compress PNG and JPG images

    We also recommend investing in Cloudflare or a platform-specific app to speed up the remainder of your website’s assets.

    用户体验对医疗保健 SEO 性能的影响

    The 用户经验 that leads have on your website is extremely crucial for SEO and 转化率优化 as we mentioned previously. User experience can be defined as the interactions, feelings, and associations someone has with your web assets. Are the experiences good? Then you can expect high conversions and revenue. Are the experiences poor? Then you will notice a lack of leads and growth.

    However, what contributes to 用户经验? If you followed the steps we laid out to improve your medical practice’s page speed, that will take care of most of it.

    The second step you need to take is publishing valuable content on a regular basis. Some medical businesses don’t produce content which causes them to lose out on 品牌知名度, trust, and authority. Oppositely, publishing content like blog posts, case studies, and videos drives traffic and helps you reach more customers. It also provides a better experience when someone engages with your business.

    Thirdly, audit 您网站的设计 and usability. Is it easy to get to inner pages? Is the structure logical and simple to use? If not, you may experience a high bounce rate and low average time on page, both of which will cause you to lose out on patients. If you need a medical website that improves branding, business performance, and growth, 今天联系dNOVO Group.

    You can instantly find 用户经验 and SEO bottlenecks by using Google’s web.dev tool. Click “Test My Site” from the homepage to begin.

    输入网站的 URL 并单击“运行审核”。

    Run Audit page speed web.dev

    This will provide details and a score on major four sections: performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO.

    Performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO




    首先,正确的导航可以帮助人们在您的网站上移动并靠近销售点——联系您进行预约或咨询。其次,它可以帮助您对所需的关键字进行排名,并将 SEO 权限推入内页。

    Look at this website we designed for CP Health as an illustration of effective SEO for doctors and physiotherapists. The navigation is simple and easy to understand. It provides prospects with everything they need: the home page, services, a blog, contact page, gallery, FAQ, social links, etc.

    Look at this website we designed for CP Health


    Look at this website we designed for CP Health


    Center physical health


    Is your website responsive to mobile devices? This is much more important than you may realize. In fact, 57%的互联网用户 say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile. More and more people are browsing and shopping from smartphones. If your medical website can’t accommodate mobile users, you’ll miss out on customers and revenue.

    Fortunately, there are steps you can begin taking to 1) ensure your website is mobile responsive and 2) optimize it. We suggest entering the domain of your website through Google’s very own 移动测试工具. This will give you a birds-eye view of how your website appears on phones and similar devices.


    单击“查看详细信息”以查看是否发现任何页面加载问题。这将显示 Google 发现的错误,您可以解决这些错误,使您的医疗机构网站对移动设备的响应更快。

    website more responsive to mobile devices

    在许多情况下,这些都是非常技术性的更改,您应该将这些更改交给您的开发人员或营销部门。或者,当您聘请像 dNOVO Group 这样的医疗营销机构时,因为当我们为客户建立高端网站时,这些问题会先发制人地解决。

    发布高质量的内容以增强医疗 SEO 计划

    One of the most important on-going parts of SEO for medical companies is publishing high quality articles on a regular basis. This offers many different benefits. The first being that it helps build trust, authority, and thought leadership with prospects. It has been found 消费者会阅读三到五篇内容 before contacting a business.

    Blog posts, in particular, allow customers to understand your expertise, help them, and build a relationship. Your practice will stand out among other local businesses that are not producing content. The more often healthcare professionals blog, 他们将获得更多的客户.



    Thirdly, high-quality articles generate inbound backlinks. We will be teaching you how to build authoritative links to your medical practice later in this article. While those will be outbound strategies, blogs will naturally acquire links over time.



    We’re no longer in the early 2000’s where a 300 word blog post would suffice for the first page of Google. Rather, medical practices must focus on 长篇内容 as it’s proven to rank higher and perform better. For example, a famous study performed by Backlinko concluded that the average #1 result on Google is 1,890 字长.

    Backlinko concluded that the average #1 result on Google









    谷歌的算法分析了许多不同的页面因素,正如我们在本文前面讨论的那样。一个微妙但重要的元素是外部链接的使用。这些超链接指向网站外的文章、研究和参考资料。这会告诉 Google 的抓取工具您正在提供更多资源并试图帮助读者,而不仅仅是自助服务。

    我们建议利用数据和统计数据来支持您提出的任何声明。例如,您可以在 Google 上搜索“关键字 + 统计数据”,然后会显示数十个(如果不是数百个)数据汇总供您使用。

    Google search for “Keyword + stats”


    Off-page medical SEO策略 that healthcare professionals can use to grow their business

    Now that you understand how to optimize the on-page aspects of your website, we can move onto off-page SEO. These, as you could presume, as the ranking factors that are found off a website.


    反向链接是来自其他网站的指向我们网站的链接。这些向 Google 等搜索引擎发出信号,表明您提供了有价值且值得信赖的资源。结果,您的域和页面权限上升。您拥有的权限越高,您就越容易为关键字排名并吸引流量。这会产生滚雪球效应,产生更多的反向链接和有机增长。

    However, backlinks come in all shapes and sizes. A simple blog comment backlink isn’t going to be weighed the same as a backlink from Forbes. 此图来自 Ahrefs neatly summarizes other components that play into how backlinks affect a domain.

    Components that play into how backlinks affect a domain

    URL 评级 (UR) 是指向您的域的权威性。您拥有的反向链接数量是第二重要的原因。 “Dofollow”反向链接是带有特殊 HTML 标记的链接,向 Google 发出信号,允许搜索引擎资产通过您的网站。

    考虑到这一点,请确保您始终为您的网站构建上下文相关的反向链接。如果您需要外包,您也可以信任 dNOVO Group 来处理您的医疗公司的 SEO。



    Guest posting is one of the most effective strategies for building backlinks. It is the process of becoming a guest author on a related industry website. Not only does this normally include a backlink (or multiple) but generates referral traffic and brand exposure. In fact, 60% 的企业拥有博客 contribute 1-5 guest posts for other websites every month.

    您可以通过访问 Google 并搜索“关键字 + 访客帖子”来开始寻找访客帖子的机会。

    begin finding guest post opportunities by visiting Google


    Participatory medicine


    1. 您发布的以前的内容。
    2. 主题创意。
    3. 关于您的业务的信息。
    4. 要发送到特定电子邮件的音调。
    5. Etc.




    我的名字是{Name}并且我是{Position}和{Company}。您可以在 {URL} 了解更多关于我们的信息。我们很乐意为 {Publication} 贡献一篇客座文章,这将帮助您的读者并促进您博客的发展。


    1. {主题创意}
    2. {主题创意}
    3. {主题创意}







    You can manually do this similar to the guest posting process but include the companies in a spreadsheet. Have your marketing department take care of this or outsource it. Alternatively, there are tools like Pitchbox which will help get influencers and large brands to promote your content.

    pitchbox marketing platform

    Alternatively, manually build a list through Google, social media, and public databases like AngelList or Crunchbase. Then use a CRM like HubSpot to manage these contacts and perform outreach.

    社交信号如何帮助医疗保健专业人员改善他们的 SEO

    You might be surprised to hear that social media has a role in SEO. Businesses often neglect 社交媒体营销 in general, let alone for search engine optimization purposes. The reality is that Google’s algorithm looks far and wide to determine the authority and contextualism of your domain. That includes your social profiles.

    Are you sharing content? Are you getting good engagement? Do you drive traffic back to your website? These are some of the elements the search algorithms gauge. The world has also been experiencing 社交媒体的使用时间更长且增加, giving you more opportunities to reach potential clients.

    covid 19 increase online

    第一步是确保您的医疗机构在所有主要网络(如 LinkedIn、Twitter 和Facebook。不要低估其他渠道,例如 YouTube、TikTok 和 Instagram。毕竟,所有的宣传都是好的宣传。

    优化这些配置文件以包含描述您的实践和区域的关键字,例如“多伦多步入式诊所”。这同时提高了每个社交网络和 Google 上的知名度。例如,Medical Sales College 针对“医疗设备行业”和“医疗设备销售”等长尾关键词进行了优化。

    medical device industry


    当您了解社交资料如何在页外 SEO 中发挥作用时,它应该声誉管理也很重要也就不足为奇了。这是管理您的健康实践如何被在线审查、感知和参与的过程。




    The first step is choosing a topic that is worth announcing to the public. Other ideas include product launches, events, partnerships, sharing research, or awards.

    Hand this off to your marketing department or hire a copywriter. Ensure that they understand proper press release formatting and etiquette. 新闻稿 have a very specific structure that needs to be used for the best performance and highest likelihood of being accepted by publications. Here’s a ^新闻稿模板 you can follow.



    • 您公司的徽标。
    • 联系信息。
    • 发布日期。
    • 标题和子- header.
    • Dateline.
    • First paragraph and following paragraphs.
    • Boilerplate.
    • End nota
    • 最后说明。

    Once you have a press release created, it can be distributed to journalists and publications manually or through PR services. Using PR platforms greatly speeds up the process and enables your medical practice to reach a larger audience. For example, you can submit press releases to Cision 的 PRWeb 服务. Begin by signing up for an account.

    Cision PRWeb service


    Premium packages dashboard

    然后,输入新闻稿的详细信息,用关键词优化,选择目标受众,然后提交。然后,您的医疗保健新闻稿将分发给 30,000 多名记者。



    Directories are websites that list companies in a particular niche, service, or industry. Using directories as a healthcare business increases visibility, traffic, and generates backlinks. Imagine if you submitted your company website to 25 个不同的目录. That would be 25 new high-quality backlinks.

    第一步是找到医疗保健目录。我们建议根据您的个人利基在 Google 中搜索“关键字 + 目录”。 “关键字”可以替换为:

    • 医疗保健
    • Medical
    • Doctor
    • Hospital
    • Etc.

    Keyword directory


    location website


    Use Google 我的企业 as a part of your healthcare SEO strategy

    49% 的企业 receive more than 1,000 views through Google 我的企业 each month. Not having an optimized Google 我的企业 profile will cause your practice to miss out on valuable traffic, leads, and growth. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to begin optimizing it for the greatest SEO benefits.

    Firstly, ensure that you have signed up for Google 我的企业 profile and verified your location. Google will send a pin in the mail that must be entered to verify the legitimacy of your company’s location. This profile will appear on organic search results when users search for related products, services, or keywords.

    Take our client Molson Park Dental for example. Their Google 我的企业 account appears in the top 3 results for local category searches. It also ranks on the first page for target keywords such as “Barrie dentist.” This is why 牙医搜索引擎优化 is essential if you run a similar practice. It empowers you to greatly increase reach and exposure.

    Barrie dentist google search


    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Website
    • Hours
    • 产品和服务
    • 类别和属性

    improve organic rankings

    Ensure that you 使用帖子功能 as often as possible. Share news about your business or content you’ve published on other channels. Google favors companies that use the post function frequently as it helps its end users.

    Share news about your business

    The description should summarize your practice and how it helps clients. Think of the benefits of your services, not just the features. Features are factual pieces of information about what you provide. The benefits are how they impact and change the customer’s life—which is ultimately what they desire.

    We also recommend communicating a unique value proposition. This is what makes your practice unique, better, and different than others. You may provide products or services that other medical businesses do not supply. Your customer service might be better than anything patients can get.

    Take the knowledge you learned about keyword research earlier in this article and apply it to the Google 我的企业 profile as well. Ideally, you will place a keyword in the title, description, and file names of media you upload. This will help your profile be discovered by more people and convert into patients.

    Leverage a 商业促进局 profile to improve your healthcare SEO

    The 商业促进局, or BBB for short, is a non-profit that helps consumers find the most trustworthy businesses. They provide transparency through 公司信息和评论 so people can make informed purchasing decisions.

    Medical companies can create BBB accounts to generate backlinks, 品牌知名度, and trust with the public. You can create a free 商业促进局 profile by visiting here.

    商业促进局 profile

    Enter your company name, phone number, primary address, email, and other required information. Fill this out with as much detail as possible. It will increase the return on investment of your 商业促进局 profile. Note the “Website” field is very important to complete for a backlink.



    SEO is essential in today’s day and age. Everything is digital and that means our marketing initiatives must be as well. Most online experiences begin with a search engine like Google in particular. Optimizing content and web pages for search engines increases 品牌知名度, visibility, and organic traffic.

    There are two components of medical SEO to understand. One is on-page SEO which pertains to optimizing elements on your website and digital profiles. Primarily this includes keyword research, 用户经验, page speed, and high-quality content.

    Secondly, there is off-page SEO. This is the practice of optimizing aspects that impact organic rankings off of your primary assets like a website. Reputation management, 社交媒体营销, and backlink building are the most important strategies.

    While SEO is mandatory, it is also very time and resource intensive. It can take a long time to generate a positive return on investment, especially when it is not performed correctly from the start. That’s why you should 与dNOVO Group取得联系 for a free consultation to learn how we can grow your practice through medical SEO services.